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Do you know rugby? Take our quiz. Check the answers below.

  • When was rugby first invented?
  • What is the maximum score after scoring a try?
  • In what year did the Six Nations start? 
  • Can you name the four countries in the Rugby Championship?
  • When was the first Rugby world cup and where was it held? 
  • When did the first Super Rugby League start? 
  • In a usual rugby match a half is 40 minutes long, but how long is a half in a sevens game? 
  • This player is an important link between forwards and backs. They play an important role in scrums, lineouts, and a lot of plays. Who is it?
  • Who was nicknamed “The Enforcer” when he was an England rugby player?
  • What was the longest penalty kick in a international test match?

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  • Various forms of football have been played for centuries, but according to rugby legend in 1823 at Rugby school in England, William Webb Ellis caught the ball and ran forward instead of back. The first set of rules were written at the school a few years later in 1845.
  • A try is worth 5 points which leads to a conversion kick for 2 points giving a possible total of 7 points. 
  • The Six Nations Championship is a competition between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. In 1883 it began as the Home Nations, then France joined in 1910 making the Five Nations. That continued until 2000 as Italy became the sixth country to join.
  • New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina 
  • The first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987, in New Zealand and Australia with New Zealand beating France in the final 29-9.
  • In the 1995-1996 season, 12 teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa competed in the Super 12 with the New Zealand Blues beating the South African Sharks in the final.
  • Halves in a Sevens game last for 7 minutes.
  • A scrum half 
  • Danny Grewcock was known as a fighter and had a troubled disciplinary record, including biting and kicking.
  • The longest kick in a International is 64.2 meters or 70 yards 8 (and a half) inches scored in 1986 by Welsh player Paul Thorburn. It was one of 5 penalties scored by Thorburn on the day as Wales beat Scotland 22-15.

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