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Do you know UFC? Take our quiz. Check the answers below.

  • When was UFC 1 held?
  • Who is the youngest ever UFC champion?
  • Which three fighters hold the record for the most UFC wins?
  • The United States has produced the most UFC Champions but which country is second?
  • Which fighter holds the record for the most consecutive title defenses?
  • What are the three fouls against a grounded opponent?

You can watch live UFC streams here.

  • The first Ultimate Fighting Championship was held in Denver, Colorado in 1993. There were no judges, timeouts or weight classes and only two rules- no biting or eye-gouging. (There was also an agreement on no groin attacks). The corner could throw in the towel to stop the fight or it would end by submission or knockout. Eight fighters competed in a tournament system and was won by Royce Gracie using Brazilian jiu-jitsu to beat Gerard Gordeau in the final.
  • Jon Jones was 23 years and 8 months in 2011 when he defeated Mauricio Rua for the Light Heavyweight title at UFC 128. He won on a TKO after 2 minutes 37 seconds in the third round following a knee to the head.
  • Three fighters have a record of 20 wins each. Michael Bisping competed in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions capturing the Middleweight title at UFC 199. Georges St-Pierre is a three-time Welterweight Champion and Middleweight Champion fighter. Donald Cerrone started as a Lightweight in 2006 before switching to Welterweight in 2016.
  • Sixty-five division champions, 16 tournament champions and 29 TUF winners have come from the US making a total of 110. In second place is Brazil with a total of 27 including 14 division champions, 5 tournament champions and 29 TUF winners. 
  • Demetrious Johnson beat Joseph Benavidez by a split decision in the Flyweight tournament at UFC 152 in 2012. Since then he has successfully defended his title 11 times.
  • Several rules have been added since the original two in UFC 1. When an opponent is grounded, under the current rules, kicking or kneeing the head are fouls as well as stomping.

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